The Clerk Strikes Again

It was with much fanfare a few months ago when the Clerk of the Privy Council created a profile on GCPedia and asked for feedback from public servants on a variety of issues.

The feedback received was incredibly broad, varying in content and tone. Everyone from the Analyst to the DM level was involved in providing feedback.

Now that feedback has been synthesized, with key themes outlined. While the document doesn’t put forth specific recommendations/endorsements, it does neatly summarize the messages that were sent by those who participated.

I just wanted to draw everyone’s attention to a few key phrases from the document:

For instance, it needs to broadly understood and accepted at all levels that approvals should not be required for posting information on internal, collaborative sites such as GCPEDIA.

That’s a pretty bold statement — and is much in keeping with the shift that I think we’re seeing. To see the Clerk recogize this theme is an incredible step forward, especially when talking about cultural shift (and how we get there one bite at a time). If that actually happens, hopefully we can encourage broader collaboration. How do we encourage this, once the framework to allow it is in place?

Performance incentives and metrics should better reflect the realities of an open and transparent workplace. Too often, performance assessments are narrow in scope and only emphasize individual results. This can promote internal competitiveness and duplication of tasks at the expense of organizational efficiency. Teamwork, group accomplishments and horizontal collaboration should be more recognized and rewarded.

This, I think, means more than one award ceremony a year, but constant discussion amongst public servants about our successes, failures, and how to improve. What do these rewards look like? I’m not entirely sure.

I’ll likely blog about this a bit more in the next week or so, but just wanted to flag this important development.

The Clerk has said that he has forwarded this document to DMs to consider them in their respective organizational contexts. I must admit, I’m quite interested to see what happens next.

What do you think should happen from here?



2 thoughts on “The Clerk Strikes Again

  1. My positive feelings on the actual subject of this post aside, I love the title. It makes the Clerk sound like some kind of super hero, dashing in and out with a cape and a rapier.

    But perhaps that sounds too irreverent. The point is that I like how the Clerk is shaping up to be a man of action AND words.

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